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Zero EV chargers

All the bells and whistles

We’re working towards creating one of the biggest EV charging networks in New Zealand. We'll be delivering a mix of AC chargers located where people are likely to spend time and DC chargers for those who need a quick charging fix.

AC chargers

While not as fast as a Direct Current (DC) charger, our Alternating Current (AC) chargers are much faster (and safer) than plugging into a socket at home and the ideal top up if you're going to be parking up for a while - eg while you're at the movies or hitting the shops.

DC chargers

Direct Current (DC) chargers send power directly into your car battery, so they’re perfect if you’re in a hurry.

How to use our EV chargers

First, you’ll need to download and register on our Zero app. Then simply connect your EV with the charging cable (your own or the one provided). Scan the QR code on the charger with the Zero app and start charging. You’ll find easy to follow instructions on all our Zero charging stations.

Pricing and Payments

We’ve started rolling out payment across our AC chargers, so where you may have enjoyed free charging before, there may now be a charge. Some chargers will remain free, thanks to the support from the landowners. To find pricing for each charger, jump on the Zero app.

To keep it easy, we have one set rate for all AC chargers, so you’ll always know what to expect.

Payment screen on Zero app

*The pre-authorisation is the total amount held on your card at the start of each charge. At the end of the charge when the total charge amount is known, the difference is then refunded back to your bank. This amount can take a few days to release back on your card depending on your banks processing times. 

​​​Zero Charging Station Not Working?​​

Sometimes we need to troubleshoot EV chargers, much like restarting a laptop that’s not working.

Here are some quick solutions to sort the problem and get you back on the road again, fast.

Problem starting the charger?

  1. Disconnect your vehicle and start the charging process again. It’s safe to pull out the charger.
  2. ​Make sure your mobile is connected to data or wifi.
  3. Make sure the app is updated to the latest version, then try logging out and back in.
  4. Check that the cable is securely plugged into your EV.
  5. Check that the red emergency button hasn’t been pressed in. When it’s pressed in, it makes the EV charger unavailable for charging. If it’s pushed in, pull it out as long as there’s no visible emergency in the area. Important: the emergency button should not be used to stop your everyday charging session. It’s for emergencies, such as a fire hazard.

Can’t unlock the ​EV ​charger?

AC: Lock and unlock your EV and immediately unplug the cable to release it from the charging station. If your EV has a cable lock button, check that it’s released.

DC: Make sure you have internet coverage – data or wifi – as the app needs to communicate with the charger. In low coverage areas it can take longer. If you get stuck, press the emergency stop button, BUT you must pull the button back out, so the charger is available for the next person to use.

Still having issues? Contact 0800 EV Zero.

EV Charging Tips